Affordable Housing is an upcoming segment of our services catering for low to moderate income earners, who are working but may find it difficult to afford housing in the private rental market. It aims to relieve rental stress and support households that have the potential for income growth or home ownership in the medium-term future.

Piper Property Group’s mission is to build environments which will create a quality lifestyle to the resident and ongoing wealth creation to the owner while identifying the key “price point” demand. Our culture is based on managing with integrity, energy and conviction and improving something daily. Our extensive and unique experience in property enables us to provide a private sector solution for a public sector need by identifying, designing, approving and facilitating the creation of what is socially needed.

Our vision is to enhance community wellbeing through strong and progressive leadership in the provision of quality services and the development of economic opportunities, with contained and sustained growth in the identified areas.

The construction and managing of new homes is an important component of addressing housing affordability across the country. Developing and managing new stock allows us to assist more people in need and to assist in the supply of affordable housing.

How we calculate your rent

As registered community housing providers, Piper Property Group is committed to providing long term secure and affordable housing. In order to achieve this objective we have adopted numerous Rent setting options, which we apply to a household depending on your circumstance.

For more details regarding how we set rent, see the attached Rent Policy

PPG Rent Policy

How To Report A Repair

Depending on the severity of the issue you are reporting, your item will be actioned within:

Urgent Repairs are attended to within 24 hours

Non-urgent Repairs are attended to with 7 days

Any questions should be forwarded directly to

For more details, see the attached Repairs & Maintenance Policy

PPG Repairs and Maintenance Policy

Complaints & Appeals

Piper Property Group is determined in providing the best service possible for all of its tenants. If you have any questions or concerns about the quality of the service you should first email your enquiry to Our team will endeavor to assist you in anyway we can.

If you want to make a formal complaint, please fill out the attached complaints and feedback form and return to PO Box 782 Waverley, NSW or alternatively scan it and send it through to

PPG Complaints Policy

Compliments & Complaints Feedback Form

Tenant Survey

Information about Ending a Tenancy

The amount of notice you are required to give us depends on the length of time you have left on your tenancy agreement.

Ending a Fixed Term Agreement

You are required under the Residential Tenancy Act to give at least 14 days’ notice. The notice can be given up to and including the last day of the fixed term.

After the Fixed Term

If you want to end your tenancy after the lease has expired, you are required under the Residential Tenancies Act to give a minimum of 21 days’ notice.

Once you give your notice we will try to arrange a time to do a pre-vacate inspection. Following this you will get a list of items to address before you vacate the property.

Upon vacating we will conduct a final inspection, if anything needs attention, it will be taken from your Bond. If not, the bond will be returned to you.

See attached a copy of the vacating checklist to assist you with your transition out of the property.

PPG Vacating Checklist